Monday, March 23, 2009

How will the simulus package benefit Oakland?

Given the budget woes on the local and state level and the weak economy, the new Federal Stimulus package signed into law on Feb.14th has generated some interest in regards to what each city will get and when.

The Stimulus primarily addresses capital projects: streets, roads, energy efficiency upgrades, etc... There is also funding for investment in education and health care but the Stimulus will not provide funds to fix the holes in the budget nor will it solve the majority of financial issues facing Oakland. However, it will help in some areas and we have Mayor Dellums to thank for this (believe it or not).

The funds are being distributed through many different channels, some through Federal and State agencies and some through grant programs. There has been a City inter-departmental team to follow stimulus funds closely and make sure the City can compete for funds and can implement projects when we do receive funding.

Stay tuned for more stimulus funding results as they unravel.