Monday, February 26, 2007

Tips to Save Energy

The typical U.S. family spends close to $1,300 a year on utilities and a large portion of that goes wasted. Here are some tips top help you save energy, money and the environment.

•Switch 25% of your lights to compact fluorescent bulbs and cut your lighting bill in half.

•Install low-flow aerating showerheads and faucets and cut the amount you use in half.

•Replace refrigerators more than 15 years old. New energy-efficient models will consume half as much power.

•Turn your thermostat back to 15% while you are at work and save up to 10% on your heating bills.

•Seal all seams, cracks and openings to the outside and save 10% or more on your energy bill.

•Replacing single-pane windows with double-pane high performance glass will save up to 25% on your heating and cooling costs.

•Use warm or cold water instead of hot water when washing clothes and lower the amount of energy you consume heating the water by 50%.

•Properly insulate your home and reduce your heating and cooling needs by up to 30%.

Making your home more energy-efficient not only saves money and helps the environment; it also makes your home more appealing to future buyers. If you are looking to buy a home yourself, I can work with you to include the cost of installing energy upgrades as part of your home purchase.

*informatin taken from the U.S. Department on Energy*

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