Friday, November 23, 2007

Fun Facts about Berkeley

Berkeley was started by Englishman Robert Jenkins who received a grant for 1,000 acres in this scenic area near the San Francisco Bay. For many years before it became industrialized Berkeley’s primary industry was farming and dairy. Today Berkeley is a multi-ethnic city that is often thought of as the center of the visual arts scene!

Berkeley was named after Englishman founder Robert Jenkins’ historic estate in the county of Gloucestershire, England.

Founder Robert Jenkins died in 1822 after falling from his horse. He was 45.
Berkeley is very compact and only takes up 18 square miles.

Almost half (40.94 percent) of Berkeley is water.

Berkeley is currently the fourth most populated city in Alameda County following Oakland, Fremont and Hayward.

In 1910 Berkeley was the fifth largest city in California.
Berkeley is home to the prestigious University of Berkeley, one of the first American universities to allow women to study with the men.

Berkeley has one of the highest rates of bicycle and pedestrian commuting in the United States.

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