Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dubai is shape shifting

So, as I try and keep my mind off this ever changing economy, I search for articles that are not about the economy, or at least about hope or something of interest like architecture. I read in article on regarding the new skyscraper going up in Dubai and I thought I would share as it "sounds" like it will be amazing but then again it's still just sound.

New York Base architect David Fisher, released a statement regarding the "world's first building in motion," that his company wil be building in Dubai.

Ambitious plans to build a revolutionary 420-meter shape-shifting skyscraper in Dubai have been unveiled by architects.

Each floor would be capable of rotating independently, powered by wind turbines fitted between each floor.

"You can adjust the shape the way you like every given moment," Fisher said. "It's not a piece of architecture somebody designed today and that's it. It remains forever. It's designed by life, shaped by time." Watch how the tower would spin and twist!

Apartments will sell for approximately $3,000 per square foot, making each unit range in price from about $4 million to $40 million. According to Dynamic's website, "Work on the tower is to be completed by 2010."

Fisher said that plans to build a second rotating skyscraper in Moscow were at an advanced stage and that the group intended to build a third tower in New York. He said developers and public officials in Canada, Europe and South Korea had also expressed interest in the project.

There has been som skepticism as Fisher has never built a skyscraper before. He has said that he has teamed up with engineers and architects who will help hil with his development. I guess we will have to wait and see the outcome.

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