Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June is here and farmer's markets are back!

I love June because I know that most farmer's markets in the East Bay are starting back up! Shop at a farmer's market - support your community and local farmers!!


Grand Lake farmer's market(FM):
Every Saturday 9am-2pm; Located across from Grand Lake Theater

Montclair Village FM:
Every Sunday 9am-1pm; Located at La Salle Ave/Moraga Ave

Laurel District FM:
Every Saturday 10am-2pm; Located at 4173 Macarthur Blvd

Old Oakland FM:
Every Friday 8am-2pm; Located at 9th/Washington

West Oakland FM:
Every Saturday 10am-4pm; Located at 5th/Mandela Pkwy


Saturday 10am-3pm; Located at Center/Martin Luther King Jr.
Tuesday 2pm-7pm; Located at Derby St/Martin Luther King Jr.
Thursday 3pm-7pm; Located at Shattuck Ave/Rose St (All Organic)

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