Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Beauty of Emeryville!

I just read this interesting article on the transformation of Emeryville. I moved to the area where Emeryville and Oakland meet also known as the Golden Gate Neighborhood. I bought here because I saw the value in this area and always regarded Emeryville as a very well planned town with incredible development potential. In the past three years that I have lived here, I have seen many changes. We have a new playground and picnic area at Hollis and 60th, a new and delicious pizza place called Rotten City Pizza. If you love New York style pizza, this is a place you will want to check out. The new Pulte Homes finally were built and now, even in this market, close to being sold out. Often times when I meet people in Emeryville, I feel a sense of an underground movement of artistry and uniqueness. I love my location and I enjoy the families on my street who have been there for many generations coupled with the young, hip crowd who have claimed stake on the richness of Emeryville. To read more about additional developments in Emeryville, go to:

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