Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't let mold into your home!

Read an interesting article (yes, I find this stuff interesting) on mold today and how it is most prolific in warm, damp weather and the high indoor moisture levels can and poor ventilation can also cause mold growth. Basements and storage areas and two areas that tend to have the most mold growth.  Beware of mold! It is nasty and I have heard cases where it has gotten into people's lungs and as a result they have a hard time breathing, sometimes gain asthma and become really sick. No beuno! If you think you have mold, you can get it tested to find out what type of mold you are dealing with. The pic to the right is black mold and this is the nastiest of the bunch!

 Below are some quick tips regarding mold. 

Quick Tips:
  • Avoid resting long-term storage directly against walls.
  • Place storage boxes on pallets.
  • Keep basement windows slightly open during mild, dry weather.
  • Maintain air circulation in all areas, particularly basements and storage areas.
  • Filter fresh air changes to help keep spores from building up. 
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