Monday, June 11, 2012

Are GREEN building techniques here to stay?

Even though construction designs are constantly changing in California I do believe that GREEN practices are here to stay. People are very concerned about the environment and that concern is only growing and not decreasing. Public demand for safer, low impact buildings that use less toxic materials and more renewable energies continue to grow. I also believe that GREEN product is becoming easier to use and less expensive. My dad, who is a Contractor, told me just five years ago it was sometimes to expensive to do a simple remodel with GREEN products and now that is not the case as they are on par with non-GREEN prices. And just like no reputable builder would consider using asbestos today, it's likely that GREEN technologies will be the new standard in the future. Contractors are beginning to jump on board the GREEN-bandwagon and realizing that it's better for our customers and it's better for the environment.

by Gina Odom, Realtor

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